Compassionate End of Life Care for Your Pet

Dog sitting in field of grass photo

The compassionate veterinary team at the Animal Medical Center of Wentzville understands the unique bond between you and your pet, and the difficult decision to say goodbye. We are here to support you. Our veterinary staff is available to discuss all of your pet’s medical options, help you to assess your pet’s quality of life concerns, and provide pet loss resources for you.

Pet Euthanasia Services

We strive to support you during this difficult time, and provide pet euthanasia service options to support your wishes. Based on your preferences, we can tailor the service to meet your needs.

At Our Medical Center

We offer euthanasia services at our hospital. Our facility provides a private and supportive environment. Our veterinary team is available to you at all times and your pet’s comfort is very important to us.

At Your Home

This option allows your pet to remain in a familiar setting, and the veterinary staff will travel to your home to perform the service.

Pet Cremation Services

Animal Medical Center of Wentzville can arrange for cremation services for your loving companion pet. We are available to discuss the options available, and support your wishes. You can select to have your pet’s ashes returned to you, or we can take care of them on your behalf.

Pet Loss Resources and Support

For assistance with all aspects of the loss of a pet, additional information and resources can be found by visiting our pet loss library.

We offer online pet memorials as a unique way to honor your pet’s memory. This easy to use program lets you post a memory of your pet online.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or if we can be of assistance in anyway during this difficult time.